Luciana Haill – Interactive Neurofeedback artist (East Sussex, UK) photo copyright Nick Wilson for Wired magazine 2010.

Neurofeedback artist Luciana Haill has over 17 years experience using IBVA, measuring over 2000 persons and recording brainwaves (EEG) is her obsession. Since recovering from Viral Meningitis as a teenager, Luciana makes cyber dreams into reality utilising medical biofeedback technology. Creatively promoting the use of personal EEG monitoring, she also created the unusual outlet 'Brainthemepark' in Spitalfields and Kensington market, London.

Luciana is now Artist in Residence for The CCNR- Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics in Sussex University, as well as Head of Augmented Consciousness and ASC in The Institute of Unecessary Research
. Luciana is also involved with really stimulating, diverse clients and subjects including: Trance states during Hypnotherapy, Lucid Dreaming, experimenting with 111hz sound effects (Brian Barritt and Flinton Chalk) and also with Spiritual healers, and has appeared in Wired magazine twice (USA and UK).

She has lectured at The Royal Institute and appeared on tour across the UK in The Future of Sound lectures creating live generative spatialised sounds, guest speaker at The Dana centre (Science museum), performed live on Radio 4, featured in Channel Five's "Sex, Lies and Hypnosis" TV series, as well as internationally on Korean MBC. A lifelong fan of Raymond Scott, her Mind Music also appears in the documentary about his life by his son Stan Warnow -"Deconstructing Dad" as a future advocate of Scott's inventive sounds and ideas.