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The University of the First Age in Birmingham is the showcase for the UFA nationally. Since March 2003 they have utilised an IBVA system to assist with their learning through teaching about the brain programme.
The UFA's 'brain room' in Birmingham UK is where classes of school children and now local families spend time learning interesting facts through games and interaction about the human brain.

Most classes now begin the day with a session of "Brain Gym" exercises to improve 'cross-cerebral' dexterity. When equipped with a stereo IBVA system a teacher can enlighten curious minds as demonstrated byBrian Mcinally at the UFA. He explained that students with ADD have shown improvement with neurofeedback sessions using games and music generated by the IBVA to captivate and reward sustained brainwave states. (With the training CD several games are included to show improve brain-power without any technical data).

With the IBVA the class leader is able to show children some fundamental brainy facts with this interactive approach. Eg. how their brain has a dominant side, how they can change their brainwaves and shift their perceived pattern of learning. It certainly makes the classroom more interesting, with everyone able to see the enlarged screen being data projected, to watch their brain controlling a flying ufo or stars in real time.

luciana at The Dana centre with IBVA

At the Dana centre Luciana showed an audience how brainwaves change during multitasking experiments for an interactive learning evening in March 2010.

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