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Maximising creativity IBVA is the 'Theremin of the 21st century'. IBVA has been utilised at the electronic symposia Siggraph and Ars Electronica in the 1990's by digital musicians creating soundscapes via brainwave interaction. As IBVA generates MIDI signals you can make music with your eyes shut. For more sound control an Xtra patch for MAX users is included too.

DJ Towa Tei (Deee-Lite) loves IBVA's creativity, in fact he has provided some sound samples to inspire users when they learn IBVA's 3D sound control with IBVA's software vs3. In the early 1900's when the amazing Theremin device was played in public, invisibly altering pitch and volume by a magical gesture was premiered. 'Cyber instruments' such as Data gloves playing virtual flutes (Jaron Lanier) using the Gold brick interface defined cutting edge digital music synthesis with MIDI.

Luciana Haill performs with IBVA for 16 tracks of EEG brainswitches

Simply with IBVA pitch, volume, instrument and channel are all controllable with your brainwaves. By assigning specific MIDI notes to correspond with bandwidths of your brainwave's Hertz and power, you can trigger notes, chords and play samples. You may prefer to remix a prearranged composition with a 'live' brain interaction. 3D sound is controllable by just one mono channel of IBVA, hearing really is believing !

preferences menu

IBVA4 software
• Brain peak and Brain rhythm : two MIDI play mode with left, right brain wave and coherence
• Simple setup for MIDI pay with left right brain wave peaks
• Send MIDI to external device and internal MIDI sound play, works with Garage Band. easy connection to MAX and other application
• 8 different brain switch setup for each left, right brain wave and coherence. max 128 different setup for each Brain peak MIDI and Brain rhythm MIDI mode
• Continuously play MIDI with 0.01 second update even when graphic image update is slow speed
• Brain peak and brain switch VJ Notification use for animation and sound interactive. Sample Brain skyfly VR world application with XCODE source code for study and develop own brain wave interactive animation and sound
• Quartz Composer plugin, Audio Unit plugin and MAX external for Brain DJ/VJ. Sample files included.

sound menus IBVA

•2D graph edit for switch
•Brain SW 3D animation
•Audio Unit Brain plugin
•Works with GarageBand, AU Lab and many music application for brain interactive gain & filter sound effect
•Use Brain VJ Notification from IBVA4

•MAX IBVA4 external, native to OSX Tiger
•make own brain wave interactive application
•sample patch included

Max diagram

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