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Artists as Vjs, DJs and performers are using IBVA all over the world. The most famous is Mariko Mori, with her Wave UFO installation using 3 custom IBVA systems for a multi user experience.

Kristian Hofstadter in UK uses IBVA for his music pHd and makes Max patches as well as solenoid control with an IBVA.

EEG sonification, Krisztian Hofstadter

Luca Forcucci in Switzerland uses IBVA in his music experiments:

In Canada, Carrie Gates from "Other Artists" collective uses it as part of her live VJing shows.

Sylvia Pengilly in LA uses IBVA with Max/Msp for performances

Julyo from NY, now in Dublin has used IBVA in his Karmatic musical performances.

From Wales to Hawaii, to Alvin Lucier with Love !
From underground boiler room corridorsin Caerleon reverberating to her brain rhythms and strobes, to The Royal Institute. From The 1999 Total Eclipse of the sun to Stonehenge, Lluciana haill records brainwaves from sites that affect her emotions.
How inspriational in Newport Wales was Alvin Lucier's performance 'music for solo performer', amplifying the delicate alpha waves to reverberate timpani and percussion in the auditorium. How I envied his microphones, his sensors, his feedback !

mariko mori and luciana haill in venice

3D EEG in Italy

Until end of November at The Venice Biennale 2005 you could visit Mariko Mori's installation 'Wave UFO' showing in the Arsenale site. The installation utilises technology from Siemens, Body Media biomedical sensors and 3 specially modified stereo coherence IBVA EEGs. A time based interactive installation, the experience must be perceived to be believed. An assistant leads 3 visitors at a time into the Wave UFO, where they recline on a Technogel soft surface.

luciana and visitors at Venice Biennale

There is a 7-minute projection in a 360 degree domed ceiling above. Each viewer is outfitted with a set of electrodes, which gather brainwave data. This information is instantly transformed into visual imagery, in real-time correspondence with the actual activity of the brain, and projected onto the screen: Six undulating bio-amorphous cells represent the left and right lobes of each of the three participants' brains, and a waving line moves in correspondence with blinks and other facial movements.

wave UFO

This instant biofeedback thus incorporates the experience of watching the projection, and the interaction between the three viewers. The forms change shape and color in response to three types of brainwaves, showing which type is most dominant. Alpha (blue) waves indicate wakeful relaxation, Beta (pink) waves indicate alertness or agitation, and Theta (yellow) waves indicate a dreamlike state. When the two cells come together, that demonstrates "coherence" between the two lobes of the brain. Mental functions such as thinking in other languages or doing maths problems immediately transform the characteristics of the graphics.


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