1. IBVA stands for Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyser









2. The new Bluetooth IBVA systems do not have PC software, to use IBVA on a PC you need to purchase IBVA UK's special Mac Mini (Intel) package with an IBVA system. Advanced users, can Export IBVA's data as ASCII and develop programmes to read this on a pc (not supported).





3. There is now only 1 type of IBVA - the new Bluetooth Stereo Coherence.
This is a smaller unit, capable of sending 2 channels of EEG to a bluetooth enabled Mac wirelessly over 50 metres depending on conditions. It shows left and right sides of the prefrontal lobe's brainwave and additionally their Coherence. This is the phasing synchrony or harmony of both sides of the brain associated with a opened state, 'a third-eye', channelling and higher meditative state, occurs fleetingly in novices...







4. You get personal online technical support for 3 months. You have a hardware warranty for 6 months of free repairs. You will be entitled to free software upgrades. IBVA is a complete software and hardware system, you will receive all the hardware + the latest software for mac OS X, Tiger.









5. Any G4 / G5 power PC, Apple Mac ibook, Powerbook, CPU 500Mhz+. with minimum 512k RAM. An Intel Mac is advantageous, in many ways, as you can also run Bootcamp ( dual operating systems, Windows and OS X environments ) The new Mac Books and Mac Book Pro are excellent, as are the more budget Mac Mini. It all depends on how much external interactivity you like to control, for MIDI and VIDEO then minium 1.5Ghz CPU and 1Meg RAM, or DP Intel Mac is faster and smoother.








6. Step 1 is the original material for Mac and PC from 1994 - a self contained suite of interactive games and movies you can learn how to control your IBVA (classic mode). It shows you how to use the Xtras for Director and Quicktime control, these still run in Tiger in classic mode, to control MAX/MSP and Macromedia








7. Yes the transmitter is very light, and as small as a mobile phone, so it can be discreetly tucked into a pocket, or pillow.







8. Yes. IBVA UK will support clients in any country, and supply Worldwide. Delivery cost vary slightly from Fedex depending on destination. International payments can be Wire(d) to IBVA UK, business bank details supplied on Quote/Invoices.








9. If you are a mac user I can provide an upgrade free if you originally purchased your
IBVA from Interactive or IBVA UK, otherwise software costs £150.







10. A medical swab to remove grease is the best way to ensure good contact with the skin. IBVA uses pre-gelled disposable electrodes which attach to the forehead with the blue IBVA signature headband, which is adjustable and slightly padded. (So the
answer is no, unless you are placing electrodes on other 'F' positions where there is hair.)







Software Questions




11. Yes, a mind-mirror graph is a classic 1980's display, except IBVA is able to create it as an animation rather than LED lights. There is an example of this on the IBVA software menu on the left. listed in the Screen shots for viewing.





12. Yes, using IBVA vs 3 (2005 software supplied free with IBVA 4) running in classic mode on any power mac, intel ready mac. You install the plug-ins into the extensions folder and create the IBVA system extensions set. However a lot of control is now achieved much faster for IAC using IBVA4 and free Quartz composer visual pathc-bay interface. The current version is IBVA V4.3.x, also included is
IBVA V4.1.5p for users of OSX 10.3.9 and below.






i. IBVA measures EEG, it is a recording/monitoring device, IT DOES NOT conduct any electrical signals into the brain like CES or Neurostim devices. IBVA uses sensitive medical grade electrodes, the gel is a little sticky, not like hosptial EEG using glues, caps and hair-tangling cables.

The contact between brain sensor band and skin must be clean, and grease-free, so cleansing swabs are wiped over the forehead first. The tiny powerful amplifier detects the EEG emitted from the brain through the skull and skin, the signal has to be boosted, cleaned of noise and 'muscle artifact' avoided for optimum signal recording. This means losing facial tensions, especially around the upper forehead, but blinking is fine - measure between 0 and 1 Hz and displayed in IBVA software as Eye movement.







ii. IBVA is legal, has FCC certification and uses battery power so no mains power or voltage involved. It is safe to use, although use by persons experiencing Epilepsy or affected by migraines and intensive VDU exposure should avoid using this unmonitored, have a friend help.





iii. A lot of research about the Interpretation of EEG emitted from the fronal lobes is available online and in books, it is associated with Higher Cognitive Functioning such as alertness, concetration levels, analytical thought, spacial processing, relaxation, creative problem solving.. If you move the placement of the electrodes to another region eg the rear of the skull - The Occiptal lobe in the anterior of the brain, then you need to be familiar with difference of EEG measure here, Alpha dominance etc.




v. Books ( all available at www.amazon.com )
* Getting Started with Neurofeedback - John M Demos
* The High Performance mind - Anna Wise
* Mind wide open - Steven Johnson
* MegaBrain - Michael Hutchinson