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IBVA recommends:


IBVA professionals include :
• Paul Scheele - Photoreading, Learning Strategies, USA
• Gregory Byatt - Alpha Palace, UK
• Kate Benson for Richard Bandler - Meta-NLP, UK
• Dr David De Gernier - Herbalist and Scientist, Isle of Mull
• Yvonne van Dyck - 'id' NLP, Austria
• Tom Silver - Scientific and Clinical Hypnotherapy, USA

IBVA users also include :
• Timothy Leary, USA
• John C Lilly, USA
• Brian Barritt - Psychedelic Archaeologist, UK
• Paras Kaul - Neural artist, researcher, composer, USA

Timothy Leary in 1991 using IBVA

(clip hosted at Blip )

IBVA artists include :
• Luciana Haill - IBVA UK & Psi Chic
• Mariko Mori - Wave UFO
• Lenara Verle - Mind VJ
• Julyo - Karmatic
• Masahiro Kahata - Amuwa
• Matt Black - Coldcuts

Universities using IBVA include :
• Georgia State University, USA
• University of Hull, UK
• University of Huddersfield
• University of Loughborough
• University of Sussex
• University of Plymouth

Mariko Mori - Japanese video and installation artist
"IBVA presents creative vocabulary for new century.The interactive display of the individual brain wave, evoke a revolution of human interface. It is the most significant development of technology to investigate one's deep consciousness. It allows us to communicate within"
* Wave UFO *

Brian M. Morrissey - Author: Ultimate Learning States:
Improving Intellectual Performance through Brain Wave Technology and Brain States Mastery: Towards a Science of Consciousness, USA.

As an educator, healer and researcher riding the rising tide of the Quantum Physics' paradigm shift, I highly recommend the IBVAv4. This version contains a brand new EEG Neurofeedback module for overcoming past negative habits of thought, while producing optimal performance and enhanced well-being. Just one more high-powered IBVAv4 feature !

Byron Wagner - Managing Director,
The Museum of Psychic Experience, York, UK

The IBVA system uniquely fulfills our needs in three separate areas:
As a device for doing research, we have access to digital machine readable raw data for meta-analysis, and portable gear that's easy to operate and maintain.
The software suite provided offers novel ways to visualize the data, both helping our guests grasp more directly the relationship between physiology and mental states, and used as a training tool for biofeedback providing far more subtlety and richness of information than traditional approaches.
Finally, the wireless design allows us the opportunity to capture data while our subjects perform tasks in situations where wired systems would be intrusive & detract greatly from their performance.
* *

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