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International courses using IBVA include :
• Learning Strategies Corporation, Paul Scheele, USA
• Photoreading Hellas, Athens, Greece
• School of Visual and Performing Arts, Tasmania, Australia
• CARTES Centre of Art and Technology, Finland
• Medical Media Lab, Washington, USA
• Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA
• Maharishi University of Management, USA

IBVA karaoke

Towa Tei - DJ, Deee-Lite
IBVA is the greatest BIOFEEDBACK experience. Watching my BRAIN WAVE is like watching people's reaction when I DJ... just great !
* *

Paras Kaul - “That Brain Wave Chick” at GMU, USA
Using IBVA has enabled me to meet extraordinary neurological researchers and has attracted public and media attention to my work.This interest has resulted in invitations to do brain wave interactive multimedia performances at Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, Corcoran Art Gallery, Walker Art Center, and the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Bigtwin - Interactive digital artist, USA
As a student of the work of Dr. John Lilly, I particularly like the IBVA. It is perfect for the home scientist, and not only taught me a lot about the brain and mind, inspired me to study more. As for spirit, seeing my brainwaves in real time was the method that finally taught me how to 'quiet my mind' for meditation. It is also the number one attraction at parties, period !

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