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IBVA is portable neurofeedback system, wirefree as brainwaves are sent by Bluetooth to an Apple Mac computer. Very user-friendly and non invasive for recording your EEG, the IBVA unit can even be tucked into a shirt pocket. Simply attach the 3 pre-gelled electrodes to the forehead, and secure with the blue IBVA headband. Now you can connect 2 users brainwaves simultaneously to one Mac, for 4 channels of EEG interaction useful in client / therapist and energy work.

ibva 2 channel

Every IBVA system contains :
DVD IBVA version 5 software x 1
Bluetooth brainwave amplifier unit with x 1
2 channel head sensor pad x1
Sensor cable connector with ear clip x1
Headband to hold head sensor pad x 1
Medical disposable electrodes x 50
9 volt alkaline battery x 1
CD size storage /travel case x 1
IBVA holder with shoulder strap x 1

(more about the EEG from the forehead with IBVA here)

• Bluetooth EEG interface : 2m - 20m transmission range
• High quality state of the art amplifier board :
same as original IBVA
• 4 times more dynamic range than original IBVA :
0.2 mV to 200 mV
• Programmable sampling rate :
120 Hz to 1920 Hz
• Programmable High cut filter
12 Hz to 900 Hz
• Optional 2 channel input for 2 person
(4 channel EEG available now)

Luciana demonstrating IBVA to an audience in The Millenium Galleries, Sheffield

Luciana applys IBVA to Brian Barrit in Fact, Liverpool 2006

You can record EEG to your hard drive for 8 hours, thats great for meditation, sleep analysis, experimental projects.... you can also sync a video source with the brainwaves using either built in i-Sight of external camera.

Complete Bluetooth IBVA system in carry case

Hardware Specifications:


IBVA Brain amplifier unit size : 2.6 X 5.6 X 1.05 Inch, ( 6.6 X 14.2 X 2.27 cm )
Travel case size : 6.1 X 6.1 X 1.55 Inch, ( 15.5 X 15.5 X 3.9 cm )
Total package weight : about 14.1 ounce, ( 400 gram )

Brain amplifier unit:
Default setup: 0.16 Hz .. 40 Hz (-3db) 120 Hz sampling (Similar as original IBVA).
0.16 Hz .. 900 Hz (-3bd) flat high quality DC coupling amplifier.
12 Hz to 900 Hz programmable high cut frequency filter.
120 Hz to 1920 Hz programmable sampling frequency.
0.2 µV to 200 µVp-p input range.
10 M ohm balanced input resistance with high voltage input protection.

Voltage noise:
fB = 10 Hz to 10 KHz : 0.85 ?Vrms
fB = 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz : 1.2 ?Vp-p
Current noise:
fB = 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz : 23 fAp-p
fo = 0.1 Hz to 20 KHz : 1.2 fA/*Hz
Input Bias current:
4 pA (TYP)

Bluetooth interface:
Class 2 Bluetooth 1.1 specification device.
Encryption: 128-bit
RF-Wireless Frequency
2400 - 2483.5 MHz for USA/Europe/Japan
2446.5 to 2483.5 MHz France

Range: 5 feet to up to 33 feet (peer-to-peer) depending on Mac side Bluetooth and environment condition.

Sensor cable:
Three electrodes in a sensor pad for temporary and light attachment to forehead.
Adjustable Headband to hold sensor pad.
One ear clip for grounding, neutral.
1m cable with 3 pin connector to sensor pad, ear-clip.
6 pin connector to brain amplifier unit.

Power source:
One 9V alkaline battery is included.
006P snap connector cable connection.
wide voltage range: 5.4 V to 16 V DC.
current: max 180 mA. (type. 160mA)

Operating time depends on battery quality and usage conditions:

For longer durations and operation over 8 hours :
you will need to use a special connector cable and battery.

For other information, please refer to Tech Spec section of this site

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