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IBVA displays brain data as undulating peaks, in millions of colours. Fully rotatable with dynnamic viewing and zoom controls, all users can really examing their EEG as it bursts forth, and captures attention.

This video shows changes during a short Photoreading experiment, as seen in the insert video window from IBVA. A frenetic burst of Theta and Delta waves increases on both sides for 1.5 mins, then subsides as normal reading resumes. The change again finally to Theta dominance can be witnessed as reader Photoreads once more (this is an excerpt).

More IBVA EEG movie examples,
Channel = Lucianaibva

Please click on a link to view stereo IBVA brainwaves:

EEG - BrainSky flyover view Screenshot animation (1 meg)
Gamma - right side 55Hz Screenshot  
New ! IBVA captures EEG under Hypnosis with Hypnotherapist Ursula James
Sleep - Delta high right side Screenshot animation (1.9 meg)
Sleep - Alpha + low amplitude Screenshot animation (2.1 meg)
Sleep - Theta symmetry 0-12Hz Screenshot
Relax - right side dominant Screenshot  
Relax - slow waves, low amp Screenshot  
Focus - Beta synchrony Screenshot  
Focus - passive attention Screenshot  
Hypnosis - Delta waves, trance 1 Screenshot  
Hypnosis - Delta & Theta trance 2 Screenshot  
Hypnosis - Theta light trance 3 Screenshot  

EEG 0-60 HZ entering light sleep stage, as the light blue peaks show slower waves. I will be adding more screen stills and animation frames of different activities and abilities recorded in IBVA4 to help explain the visible differences with various brainwave states.

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