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Ready to run on any version of Mac OS X is the beautiful IBVA version 5 software. Experience the immersive feedback from your EEG when you explore the beauty of the IBVA software: Data sampling from 0-960 Hz per channel for very high frequency EEG, 1920 samples per second transmitted by Bluetooth (class 2.0 upto 2.1 M/bits per second).

IBVA displays brainwaves i
n realtime rendered in 3D colour and recorded to your hard drive for up to 8 hours. IBVA has user defined display palettes and multiple windows, including Raw-graph, Bar-Graph and the classic animated left and right brain WaterFall. IBVA has user configurable Brainwave switches and mixers to control MIDI, Max, QuickTime, Quartz composer and internet interaction.

You can use video with iSight Mac built-in camera integrated into IBVA4:
Live iSight video window for simultaneous synched recording with EEG

iPhone application from iTunes store 'Brain DjVj' by IBVA
IBVA4 brainwaves - an interactive system users can see their brainwave rhythms on their iPhone displayed in Bar graph or OpenGLES 3D waterfall graph ! Portable EEG system full colour.

This also acts as a remote control for Quartz composer animation with Quartz Composer iPhone plugin for Mac.
Acceleration X,Y,Z, sound peak and level, 1,2,3,4 and 8 channel touch animation position and 8 switch control function to Quartz composer iPhone plugin.
( Also works as iTunes sound remote control )

Live brain wave web casting, stream to a server
iTunes track selection by EEG settings in Brain Switch mixer menu

Play IBVA videos, Channel = Lucianaibva

This is The Brainwave controlled Neurofeedback multimedia programme.
IBVA-V4 and V5 software is a Universal application for Apple Mac OSX, native for all Intel and Power Macs.

NEW ! iTunes track selection by EEG settings

Click for a new larger screenshot from IBVA vs4 software:

1. Menu with Time slider for recording and non linear playback + battery level
2. Presets menu for saved custom configurations
3. Play Midi sounds from brainwave data
4. Brain switches from Brain Notes
5. Raw Wave display
6. 2D Bar graph "classic Mind Mirror" display
7. 3D Waterfall display
8. 3D Waterfall and Brain Switch mixer
9. EEG Neurofeedback menu
10. Coherence multi-window display
11. Multiple brain-switches controlling external sounds

Max recording time and brain data file size:
Max recording time and brain data file size depends on sampling frequency. Max 8 hours recording when 120 Hz sampling. Max 4 hours recording when 240 Hz sampling. Max 2 hours recording when 480 Hz sampling. The Size of a file of Brain data is about 100 MB when max recording time.

Graphic display:
Rawwave, Bargraph, Waterfall and Waterfall brain switches for left/right and coherence.
Interactive brain switch editing using numerical or graphic controls
0 Hz to 900 Hz display, max 8192 point FFT.

Quartz Composer IBVA4 plugin for brain VJ and scientific visualisation
Quartz Composer IBVA4 plugins work only in Tiger and Leopard
Audio Unit Brain plugins for brain DJ with sample GarageBand file

Bar graph display window (mirror option for MindMirror display 0-60Hz 2 channels)
OpenGL 3D waterfall left, right and coherence graph display window
OpenGL waterfall Brain switch 3D Bar graph mixer display window
Brain skyfly animation for realtime brain navigation
Brain VJ AV control window ( Quicktime movie, Sampling sound and Image )
Brain Core MIDI translation for direct MIDI sound play and/or connecting to Logic, Garageband and other music composing application, Synthesisers and other MIDI interface systems
Apple script support for automatic application setup
2D Graphical user interface to set brain switch notification for VJ/DJ
Brain skyfly animation with Brain VJ notification XCODE V3 Source code
IBVA MAX external with XCODE V3 Source code (works MAX4 and MAX5)

•MAX IBVA4 external for Tiger
•make your own brain wave interactive application
•OSX compatible Max sample patch included


Additional IBVA4 IBVA5 Universal applications

Quartz composer IBVA4 plugin: Scientific visualization and Brain Visual Jockey Audio unit brain plugin
Audio Unit Brain plugin for brain DJ.
Brain DJ Apple script support automatic application setup.
Graphical user interface to set brain switch notification for VJ/DJ.
Automation of Brain VJ notification
Animation and sound control 'Easy setup'
Brain Core MIDI translation for direct MIDI sound play and/or connect for composing via another music application.
Simultaneous graphic window display for live and playback of brain wave.
One initial setup needed for bluetooth port pairing for a Mac to recognize bluetooth device.

Hardware specifications :
5 GB free space for Hard Drive
A good speed is achieved with Intel Core 2 Duo and/or Dual G5 processor or more
Ram = 1 Ghz minimum, more required for interactive AV

Software Specifications
Operating System : Mac OSX, on any intel Mac


IBVA in :

Interactive Art

Brain dominance