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IBVA is a form of biofeedback for the brain called Neurofeedback. It's a training process of using technology to provide you with more information about what your body is doing than your ordinary senses provide. This "feedback" helps you learn to use your mind to develop greater control over your body, or, in the case of neurofeedback, your brain.

Musician : Clark Berger wearing an IBVA monitor on his forehead (with visiible ear clip as ground) whilst playing Flamenco guitar, a tune he is very proficient with named "Rum."
His EEG is sent by bluetooth to the laptop in realtime, this followed an experiment whilst he just visualised playing in his mind to compare the results, March 2009, London.

IBVA is already used by :
Hypnotherapists & NLP trainers
Teachers, Universities & Research departments
DJs, Musicians & Artists
Inviduals for self development
Sports trainers
Life coaches
Metaphysical & Psychic explorers

Early pioneers in this field include Max Cade (trainer of Anna Wise, who wrote The High Performance Mind.) He worked with people with "Awakened Minds" such as yogis, gurus, executives and athletes. Certain brainwaves when practiced can help improve :

Ability to focus   Centering and calmness
Lucid dreaming   Reduced nervous energy
Deep relaxation   Deeper, more restful sleep
Enhanced creativity   Short term memory Improvement
Stress reduction   Increase mental & physical energy

This makes it useful for artists aimig to boost their creativity, or to expand musical horizons with real instrument use and/or interfacing with digital studios. IBVA is the convincer in hypnosis, seeing when your client really has slipped into a deeply relaxed, open minded state. In sports training and learing by modelling brainwaves on those of a master, the intention to be as close to their state of mind during their specialist activity assists the practising student.

IBVA detects brainwaves phasing at speeds, measured in units of HZ for cycles per second between 0 and 60Hz. It is used for Sleep state and Hypnosis analysis, Image programming for sports training, Super learning (photo reading) and for study. Emerging fields of Neuromarketing can use IBVA for: Environmental, scientific, corporate, architectural, and consumer research.

The Brainwaves

More information is available in IBVA UK site's EEG Gallery, where dominant brainwave states such as High Delta in stage 4 of sleep can be seen. Low delta on both sides is a state where focus in drawn inwards, such as meditation or light hypnotic trance as experienced with Screamfilms subjects.


IBVA in :

MIDI music
Sports training
Self development
Interactive Art

Cerebral dominance


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